Step 1: Reserve Your Steer

Contact us to reserve your steer. There are only a few steers that we sell each year, so contacting us is important in order to make sure you get yours!

When you reserve your steer, let us know if you want Grass-Fed only or a finish of Corn-Fed. The corn adds a bit of fat marbling through your finished meat. The grass fed tends to be more lean.

Step 2: Deposit and Order

After your steer is reserved, we will take a deposit for the amount of the butcher fee ($300 for a half and $600 for a whole). You will pay for the steer at the time of delivery.

Along with the Butcher's fees, you will fill out your custom order form for the cuts of meat that you would like.

Step 3: Delivery and Payment

Depending upon your location, we will deliver your meat for a fee. You can also choose to pick up your meat at the butcher.

Upon delivery of your meat, your invoice will be paid to us. All that is left is for you to enjoy the beef!

Reserving your steer

Reserving your steer is important because we have a limited supply and we will also need to prepare for your finish of it. You can choose to have it only grass-fed (the leanest option) or corn-fed for the last few weeks on the ranch. The corn-fed option has an additional cost but it adds a marbling to the meat that some people prefer.

There are many ways to contact us to reserve your custom steer. Email, phone or the Contact Us page are the best ways. You can also use those avenues to ask us any questions.

Ordering your Beef

The next step is to pay the butcher! We use Sturgis Meats out of Sturgis, South Dakota (yes, the same location of that famous motorcycle rally). You will be invoiced for a deposit to cover the cost the butcher fees, the payment for the steer will be due upon the delivery of the meat.

At this time, you will also fill out an order form. This will inform the butcher of the cuts and packaging of the meat. We can help you fill out this form, if you need assistance!


The delivery of your meat will depend on your location. If we deliver, there will be a small service charge to pay for the transportation. It is also an option to pick up the meat yourself. Either way, the payment for the steer is due at this time.

Now it's time for a cookout at your house!

Next Steps...

Contact us to reserve your steer!