Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If having a freezer full of meat and knowing where it came from is important to you, we are here for you! We do know that you might have some questions about the process and our steers. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and our responses!

How do I custom order the meat?

After your deposit has been paid, we will send you an order form. This form is an instruction sheet for the butcher. You can choose how lean you would like your ground beef, the quantity and thickness of specific cuts, and also how you would like your meat packaged (paper wrapped or vacuum sealed). We can help you with this process as if you choose some types of cuts, that means that others are not available.

 What does it mean that they are "grass-fed"?

While our steers are not organic, they are natural and are grass-fed throughout their life. They roam the 10,000 acres here at the ranch and cycle through the beautiful pastures to get the best grass available. We give our calves their baby shots to prevent disease but give them antibiotics only if they get sick (they are not on a schedule to receive antibiotics).  No growth hormones are given to our cattle.

How much meat does a steer create?

While the exact amount of meat varies from steer to steer (because they do not all weigh the same), a whole steer tends to be around 600 lbs of meat. We sell our steers in whole and half amounts. A half steer fits into a large cooler (give or take a little!). So, a small chest freezer is perfect for this amount of beef!

 How much does it cost to purchase a steer?

This is our most common question! So many factors play into the cost so it is impossible to have an exact cost until after your steer is completely processed.

The cost of the steer, charged by Diamond 7 Bar, is $2.13/lb live weight (we have the steers weighed before visiting the butcher).

If you choose to have it corn-finished, there is an additional charge for the cost of the corn (depends on market cost).

The butcher charges per pound also, so while we charge you the deposit for the butcher at the time of reservation ($300 for a half and $600 for a whole), the final cost of their fee may be slightly more or less than the initial amount. That will be credited or added to your final invoice.

The butcher will also charge for vacuum-sealing your beef (if you choose that, which most people do and it is recommended if it will be traveling a distance to get to your home). Paper wrapping is complementary and there is no additional cost.

If you would like a more detailed, estimated cost, please email us at

Is there a delivery fee?

We do offer delivery! There is a charge for delivering the processed meat to you. The charge is at most the current milage rate as determined by the IRS. It could be less if there are multiple deliveries to a specific area (you could arrange friends and family to also purchase our steers and spread the charge). This amount will also be due upon delivery.